• 25 Aug 2013
    Human Cometh is now part of Two Side Moon Promotions.
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  • 18 Aug 2013
    Mayan Logic. Human Cometh's third CD is now available on iTunes and CDBaby.
    We have worked on this album for two years and are very excited to share it with you!

    This album takes you on a sonic journey that will compare to nothing that we have done before. The album is progressive and melodic, sometimes aggressive. The production is nothing short of perfection.

  • 01 Aug 2013
    The mighty Dan Swano is mixing and producing the next Human Cometh CD!

  • 2012
    Article about guitarist Morgan Pettersson in the Swedish guitar magazine


In 2010 the first Human Cometh album, Evolution, was unearthed. A very promising release indeed. Human Cometh is actually an on-line collaboration conducted by great guitar shredder Morgan Pettersson. Some of the recordings were done in Sweden, while the drums were recorded in the USA. Now the follow-up is here. Well, Ive done the on-line collaboration thing myself with Constancia and I know how hard it is to make it glue together and sound like you were actually recording together. Morgan and the boys have succeeded very well. HCII is one solid sounding album. Great performances, great mix and a very coherent album in all areas. Morgan is a really great and interesting guitarist with a nice tone and impeccable technique. Singer Kaj Roth has been in the shadows for years, never really getting to shine on record. Here he does a great job indeed! The bass work is handled by Bjorn Pehrson, keyboards by American Jay Shankman and drums by fellow country man Jon Robbins with Rob Coney handling backing vocals. The style is classic hard edge melodic metal/hard rock, sort of the same file Id put Ozzy Osbourne and Hughes/Martin era Black Sabbath, but there are songs that deviate from the formula. One being the cool melodic rocker Challenger Deep, which gets a nice vocal facelift by Josefin Bäck. There are also some proggy moments here and there mixed in with straight ahead heavy riff-rockers such as Supervolcano. A great album, well worth checking out!!
- Janne Stark 2012 http://starkmusicreviews.blogspot.se/

Two years in the making, Human Cometh bandleader and main songwriter Morgan Pettersson worked even harder to find the right musicians for the 3rd album "Mayan logic". And it certainly paid off because the new album sounds terrific, the music is a bit heavier than the previous two albums "Evolution" and "HCII" and also a bit more progressive. Besides Morgan, bassist Bjorn Pehrson is the only original member left in the Mk II line up, Walter Kelleher replaced Jon Robbins on drums and I must say that Walter performs some exceptional drumming on "Mayan logic". However, Jon sticked around to track drums on one song, "Stay in line". Even though I miss Jay Schankmans cool keyboard work on the new HC album, his two replacements Anders Plassgard and Gianluca Grasso participated in the metal art with a different approach. The Hammond organ adds a 70s rock flavor to some of these new songs which is nice. The new lead singer Eric Johns is hardly a newcomer in the music business, he has released several albums and performed with blues rockers Southern Gentlemen for many years. A band founded by the 80s guitarhero David T.Chastain. Blues might be Erics homefield but let me tell you, he is no stranger to this modern metal where his voice is reminiscent of Myles Kennedy and Chris Cornell at times. The star however of this band is none other than six string maestro Morgan Pettersson, he s got a perfect tone and his riffs and solos are both intelligent and flabbergasting. With influences like Opeth, Yngwie Malmsteen and Eric Johnson - the music from Human Cometh stays interesting from the first second of "Deux ex machine" to the instrumental virtuoso of "Egle, the queen of serpents". And as a special bonus, the new album ends with an epic cover of Rainbows classic "Gates of Babylon". The only thing preventing me from giving this 5 stars, is track no.2 "Grendles modor" that don´t move me at all. But who cares when the rest is pure brilliance, I take off my hat and bow to these metal heroes. And you are so right Eric when you sing "Only zeros and ones, only ones and zeros, one mans devil is another mans hero". The shadow of the internet is heavy for some to bare. - Kaj Roth http://rothnroll.blogspot.se/


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